Product name:HY-VHB-501

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Function Description
The overall shape is beautiful, and the mobile surface is easy to paint.
And anti-rust treatment by phosphate skin mold, abrasion resistance and impact resistance;
Four-way reversing valve for precise guidance and easy operation
Hydraulic pump with oil pressure gauge showing working pressure to avoid overload
Manual remote control device or foot switch for easy use
●Working table for surface treatment, the tabletop is ground and chrome-plated,
Precise and smooth workbench
With a 15cm steel ruler, the working size can be made
Meet the standard parameters;
●Freehand adjustable seat for long and short sizes
Standard, unified control specification;
●Safe and secure foot switch can control the intake and return of oil
●Designed with copper foil concentrated bag and open mouth
The slippery slide can be cut and worn by copper strips.
Not messing up everywhere and messing up

Brand: whiyong
Name: Multi-function bus processing machine (5 in 1)
Model: VHB-501
Function: cut (cWC-150), punching (CH-70)
Bending (PLW-125) ← flat bending integrated [flat and vertical bending]
Embossing (HYB-150B)
Size: 188mm (L) * 750mm (W) * 1100mm (H)
Input voltage: 220V50Hz
Rated oil pressure: 700kg/cm2
Cutting machine output: 15T
Cutting range: 150mm*10mm
Punching machine output: 35T
Punching range: mold (7, ∮ 9, ∮ 10.5 ∮ 13.8, 17 small 20.5)
Distance from the hole to the edge: 110mm
Bending machine output: 30T
Curved row range: copper busbar 125*10mm; aluminum busbar 125*125mm
Embossing machine range: 150mm*50mm
Weight: 355k
With electric hydraulic pump: with solenoid valve foot switch control

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